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INTRODUCTION available in book
METHODOLOGY available in book
I. Creation of the sample group and construction of the questionnaire
II. Description of the questions and brief introductions to the relevant evolutionary issues affecting their construction
RESULTS available online
I. Demographic statistics
II. Response statistics
DISCUSSION available in book
I. Introductory remarks on the interpretation of the results
II. Discussion of Results
II.A Leuba and Larson and Witham revisited.
II.B Religious Evolutionists.
II.B.1 Julian Huxley and Ernst Haeckel, religious evolutionists of the past.
II.B.2 Religious evolutionists of the current study.
II.C Agnostics, atheists, and naturalists.
II.C.1 Thomas Henry Huxley's agnostic tradition has been transformed.
II.D Can a deist be a monist?
II.E Dualism
II.F The naturalists dilemma: monism or dualism?
II.G Questions with indistinct or anomalous central tendencies.
II.G.1 Progress and purpose.
II.G.2 Morality.
II.G.3 Free will.
CONCLUSION available in book
I. Evolution and religion, refining the questions for future work.
II. Postscript.
APPENDIX I, The questionnaire available online
APPENDIX II, "The list" available online
APPENDIX III, Geographic distribution, and ratio, of returned questionnaires
available in book
APPENDIX IV, Interview transcripts available in book
Richard Dawkins
George C. Williams
Richard C. Lewontin
John Maynard Smith
Ernst Mayr
John M. Thoday
Tom Eisner
James Crow
John T. Bonner
Edward B. Lewis
Henry Harpending
Tim Clutton-Brock
WORKS CITED available in book